Bosch Commercial

                          LV Model
New | Compact Size | ½ to 6 tons
Unique sound package designed to eliminate vibration and reduce the unwanted noise
            LV Split System Model
New | Flexible Configurations | ½ to 6 tons
Cost effective and designed for commercial retrofit and new construction applications
                    ES Model
Enhanced | Ultra Efficiency | 2 to 6 tons
Considered one of the industry’s most ultra-efficient units providing powerful performance.
                    EP Model
Enhanced | High Efficiency | ½ to 6 tons
Maximum options are available with the EP Model allowing you to get the best fit for your needs.
                      LM Model
New | Superior Efficiency | 2 to 6 tons
Best in class efficiency and comfort with dual stage single scroll compressor and ECM motor.
                           CA Model
Console Unit | High Efficiency | ¾ to 1½ tons
Efficient way to provide heating and cooling in areas where space is limited.