Fluid Controls




           Automatic Balancing Valves
The “Gold Standard” For Controlling Water Flow In HVAC Systems
Hays’ patented Mesurflo® automatic flow control valves have been called the “Gold Standard” because their unique features and benefits make them the ideal solution for controlling flow in waterbased cooling and heating systems. Unlike other control valves which can be noisy and clog easily, Mesurflo® offers you these significant benefits:
• Eliminates oscillation, vibration, noise and feedback in the system
• Non-clogging design
Water Source Heat Pump and Fan Coil Connection Kits and Stainless-Steel Braided Hoses
Hose Kits are a convenient method of combining the advantages of flow control and a flexible connection. Our kits are supplied with a Mesurflo™Automatic Balancing valve, a non-ported ball valve, two stainless steel braided hoses, and a ball valve with P/T ports. All kits are 100% leak tested before shipping!
















Manual Balancing Valves
Can come in different style and size specifications. Contact us for custom manual balancing valves to fit your specific needs.
                  Solenoid Valves
Typical Applications for our Solenoid Valves
• Commerical Laundry Equipment & Facilities
• Commercial Dishwashers, Bottle Washers, Pot/Pan Washers
• Car & Truck Wash Facilities
• Irrigation Systems
• Humidification
• Water Treatment
• Poultry Incubators/Watering Equipment
• Industrial Maintenance, Repair, and Operation