Tetco – Residential


                     Tetco Family of Geothermal Heat Pumps





*All-aluminum microchannel air coil eliminates the potential for failure due to corrosion, enhancing reliability and efficiency.
*Two-stage Copeland® UltraTech® compressor offers superior part-load performance, providing better humidity control, greater efficiency and quieter operation.
*Unique compressor isolation technology and high-density foam cabinet insulation inhibit noise and vibrations for ultra-quiet operation.
*Condensate overflow sensor protects against potential overflows due to clogged condensate drains.
*Factory installed desuperheater (hot water generator) allows the capture of free unused heat, which is then used to heat domestic water. This application can cut hot water costs by up to 50%.
*Variable speed, ECM blower motor ensures quiet start up and operates at a fraction of the cost of a conventional blower motor.
*Digital controls assure proper operation, providing a variety of field selectable settings for each installation. Advanced safety controls help protect the equipment.
*All aluminum microchannel air coil eliminates corrosion and increases unit’s life expectancy
*Composite, silver ion anti-microbial drain pan
*Copeland® UltraTech® two-stage scroll compressor
*High-style white powder coated steel cabinet
*Removable panels for easy access
*Flow switch protected
*Digital controls
*Standard hot water generator (desuperheater)
*ECM blower motors
*Foamed-in coaxial heat exchanger
*1″ FPT fittings
*Multi-positional cabinet








*2-stage scroll compressor
*Sound and vibration absorbing triple compressor isolation
*Foam enclosed enhanced surface coaxial heat exchanger
*Flow switch protection
*Factory installed desuperheater for domestic hot water heating
*Hinged control box for easy internal service
45° rear corner post for convenient water and refrigerant connections
*UL GREENGUARD Gold certified foam cabinet insulation
*Rugged steel cabinet with champagne paint finish
*Pair with a Mortex Air Handler
*Convenient side-mount flow center configuration
*Digital controls
*Easy access service panels
*UV protected, powder coated steel cabinet
*Copeland® UltraTech® two-stage scroll compressor
*Built-in freeze protection
*Flow center cover & aluminum pipe shield
*Back-seated service valves with service ports
*Optional factory installed desuperheater connection
*Pair with a Mortex Air handler